When PSA was first discovered in New Zealand in November 2010 it sent shockwaves through the industry. Although the kiwifruit industry has recovered since, the PSA treat still remains, in fact some believe that the PSA is becoming resistant to current chemical solutions.  

Active Oxy ozone solution is one of nature's most effective sanitisers, and is the ideal solution to PSA control. On top of that Active Oxy ozone helps control insects.

Active Oxy overhead spray system:

  • Installed into irrigation and frost protection system
  • Easy installation
  • Lowered fruit reject
  • Increased export percentage
  • Discourages insects
  • No Black Spot
  • Reduces leaf roller
  • Controls bacteria and fungus
  • Can be applied during flowering
  • Compatible with bees
  • Cost effective treatment
  • Successful treatment of PSA in kiwifruit