If ozone was not safe, we would not be able to go outside and breathe the air, especially during sunshine, a thunderstorm, lightning, or after the rain.

The fact is, when used responsibly, ozone is very safe just like oxygen and very beneficial to our planet for human survival. Needless to say Active Oxy ozone systems are fully automated to maintain safe operational levels for operators and staff.




100ppb : at this concentration the ozonated area is safe to work in while still providing effective sanitising, bacterial and ethylene control. Note: some people, particularly asthmatics, may find even this level is an irritant to airways so should avoid entering the area.

100ppb (0.1ppm) : the maximum allowable concentration in industrial working areas where people are present.

200ppb : is the maximum setting of unit and is recommended for the treatment and sanitising of rooms. Ensure the coolstore is contained and no staff are present. On completion turn unit off and ventilate before entering.